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Top Games for 2012

Games 24-7 – Top Games for 2012

During my time as a reviewer for Games 24/7 I have reviewed many games and have found some excellent games over these periods which have provided me with many hours of entertainment and fun.

Of course many of the games I have reviewed do not meet my required standards but in this article I will solely focus on the ones that I believe are some of the best ones I have ever played.

In this article I will discuss the most influential and best selling games I have reviewed of 2012 in the hope that it will provide you with an excellent resource of gaming information for your future purchases.

The first game I would like to talk about is one of my favorites of the year and of course is The Last Of Us. This game is from one of the most respected and leading games developers in the industry being Naughty Dog and is a game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where the planet has found itself ravaged by a strange disease that has had the effect of turning humans into ferocious flesh eating zombies.

Players will need to take on the roles of any of two of the survivors as they find themselves in the ultimate battle for survival as they fight their way through the zombie infested streets in their attempt to get to safety. This is a truly epic game that is sure to provide players with many hours of entertainment and of course blood curdling fights.

Other resouces for a the main three console game providers can be found below:

Nintendo Games

The second game is Grand Theft Auto V which is the latest installment from award winning and leading industry developers Rockstar Games. This all new version of the game follows off from where the previous version left off but in my mind is considerably darker in orientation that the other versions in the series. The difference with this game is that instead of players controlling an ex convict across the streets of Liberty city in this game they take on the role of a notorious crime boss who has decided to leave this life behind and get on the straight and narrow.

The problem is it does not take long before he finds himself being drawn back to his old tricks and at the forefront of crime laden underworld filled with greed and violence. This game simply must be experienced as it is by far the best edition of the game to date and had me captivated for many hours. If you love the previous games then this game is set to blow your mind as it features many new additions as well as much better game play and graphics.

The final game I would like to discuss may not be for everyone but I personally just fell in love with it the moment I first played it. The game is named The Last Guardian and is the latest release from iconic games developers Team ICO Games. In this game you will play the role of a young boy who works together with a large griffin to solve various puzzles and mysteries as well as fighting it out against many different enemies along the way.

This game is a true masterpiece and should be experienced by all gamers as it provides some of the most entertaining game play I have had the pleasure to experience. These three games are by far the best games I have played so far this year and I hope you find the time to play them and appreciate them as much as I have.

Most of the Games mentioned above can be found for the Playstation and the Xbox as well as various other console games.

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