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Driving and racing games – Top Racing Games

Driving and racing games remain some of the most popular and interesting games available to gamers today and can be some of the most realistic gaming experiences available on the market today.

There are many different types of racing games available from the general car racing games to horse racing and each one provides a different source of entertainment to various types of gamers. One of the best racing games I can think of that I have played is of course the Formula One series of games which sees players pitted against some of the best high speed racers on the planet.

Players can choose the racing team of their choice and compete at the highest level as they attempt to gain pole position and then win any of the races that follow. As well as the basic racing games there are also many different variations of these games which can see games contain set ups where players drive cars which have a wide array of weapons on and they attempt to destroy their opponents along the way.

This type of game has always had its players on the edge of their seats and long may it continue and with the evolution of graphics and console capabilities they can only get better with time.

I have listed below the Top Racing Games for 2012.

1.  Formula One 2012

2.  Burnout Revenge

3.  WRC II

4.  Need for Speed: Most wanted

5.  Rage

6.  Project Gotham racing IV

7.  Dirt III

8.  Colin McRae: Dirt II

9.  Need for Speed: The Run

10. Test Drive Unlimited

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