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New Adventure Games РThe adventure game category of console video games is one of the most competitive in the industry as the genre has become one of the most popular and successful genres in the console gaming world with hundreds of classic games making their way into its ranks each year.

These games consist of all out mythical adventure games to space age missions as well as a wide variety of additional game plots which make these games some of the most sought after and best selling in the industry. As you may well know if you play this type of game there are now more of these games on offer than ever before as developers have gone into overdrive trying to create the next big series. Due to this fact and for those of you new to this genre we have decided to review and detail two of the most iconic and successful games within the adventure game genre in the hope it will give you an honest review of how good the game are.

The first game on our list is one of the most popular games of all time across every genre and has seen many new editions of the game released over the past decade. The game is Grand Theft Auto which has been the winner of a large amount of prestigious gaming awards during the period it has been available on gaming consoles. The game tells the story of a man who has just been released from jail and who returns home to find a host of gangsters have taken over the city and more importantly his territory. The man immediately sets out to claim back his city and goes about finding ways to eliminate every competitor who stands in his way. Players must lead the man through many dangers across the city and in doing this complete a wide variety of missions that will dispense with his foes permanently.

There are a huge number of challenges for the gamer which include many speed boat levels where you must participate in small time naval combat as well as many more highly entertaining tasks. The game ever since it was first let loose on the market has had one of the most innovative graphics engines ever created which has incredible detail in every aspect of the game. The engine allows for no lag whatsoever even in the most difficult circumstances where there are huge explosions and so on. It is also very easy to play with the controls being very simple and easy to get to grips with which is always a bonus.

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The next game on the best ever adventure games list is the Assassins Creed series of games which have acted to take the world by storm ever since they were first released many years back. The plot of the game is the player takes the role of the leader of a group of mythical assassins who take on jobs for many and eliminate targets for their employers. Gamers must find ways to break through their targets defences and eliminate their targets without having any of their team caught or killed.

This may sound pretty easy but you will find it incredibly challenging throughout as nothing is quite what it seems in many aspects of the game. The games game play is very smooth running and highly addictive as once you start you will find that you can just not put the game down as it is just so entertaining to say the least. The graphics of the game are again immense and have been created with only the finest attention to detail that really does show in every aspect of the game. These two games are must have for any fan of this genre of games and we highly recommend them if this genre is right up your street.

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