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The Sony PSP  has been at the forefront of convenient and mobile gaming for many years and has dominated the market for this platform for long periods during that time. As time has gone on the games and capabilities of this device has improved considerably and there are some of the best titles we have ever seen available for it due to this fact. Below we have chosen two of the best upcoming re play games for this platform that we have found to be our favourites in the hope you can find out valuable information about them ready for their release date.

The first of these games which we thought was absolutely incredible in every way possible is Worms Open Warfare from THQ (http://www.thq.com/uk/). This all new edition of the iconic gaming series takes your favourite worms into the world of modern warfare across many different garden landscapes. You must lead you crack team of worms into many different battles against many enemies such as the hordes of ants, caterpillar armies as well as many other garden based creatures. The gamer will need to use all their skills and know how to deploy various tactics which will lead your teams to triumph over their dreaded enemies. The battle take place across many different landscapes such as it the grass, corn and soil and is extremely exciting from the word go and we are totally sure fans of the previous editions will fall in love with this game within minutes.

One of the best aspects of the game is that of the greatly improved graphics that have been implemented into the game as it offers a whole new way of seeing a game of this type. The graphics are highly detailed and you can immediately tell just how much work has gone into them and this only acts in the best interests of the game overall. Game play wise it is what you would expect from a worms game which is of course completely captivating to put it mildly and we are sure you will enjoy every second of playing it.

The second game on our list is another top gaming title which is now due for a sensational return to the PSP platform. The game is an all out war of a racing game from the multi award winning team at EA Games called Need for Speed Carbon (http://www.ea.com/uk/need-for-speed-carbon). This exceptional addition to the series takes the world of street racing to whole new levels of fun and excitement as you race across many of the worlds leading cities in search of money and more importantly the honour of being the worlds best street race driver. Players will need to defeat a multitude of opponents as they race through many changing environments filled with bright lights and many challenging obstacles. There is a huge choice of high performance cars at the disposal of the player such as the Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus as well as many others.

These cars can be supped up and modified easily at your garage with items such as nos and high end exhausts being available to you among others. The game play is astounding on this title and is highly addictive as with the facility to race your friends and family using the wireless Bluetooth connection you can have hours of endless fun with this game. In regards of graphics this game again is simply brilliant as it has many of the most visually striking scenes and details you will find of a game of this genre. The cars actually look like real life photos and even incorporate scratches and bumps on your car until you have them fixed and re sprayed. All in all during our PSP games reviewing these two performed better than any other games due for release and we have no trouble highly recommending them to all our readers as they are exceptional.

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