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Games Consoles have been around for many years now and have been a great source of entertainment for gamers across the world during this time. Console games have evolved considerably over this period and have gone from primitive games with even more primitive graphics to becoming high definition games with an extremely high amount of content.

The first console games date back all the way to 1977 where the release of the Atari 2600 VCS was the launch pad for the generation of games we see within the market today. This historic console provided classic games such as space invaders and air sea battle which to this day have provided the basis of many of the worlds latest games.

The next significant games console was the Nintendo entertainment system which was released in 1985 and is still one of the fastest selling games consoles of all time. The Nintendo entertainment system provided us with some of the most iconic games of all time as well as characters such as the Mario Bros who are still hot favourites across the gaming world. This console provided us with the perfect platform for the progression of console based video games as a whole and remains arguably the most iconic creation of the twentieth century along with its portable sister the Gameboy which was released in 1989.

As time has progressed so have the capabilities of the gaming consoles we see today and this has had an excellent effect on the quality of games. If we take a look at the next high profile games console release which was the Sega master system which also had great success across the world of gamers. The master system saw many great games released on its platform with none more so memorable than the Alex Kid series of games which had great success. The Nintendo and the master system battled fiercely until the release of the all new Super Nintendo in 1991 which was the first sixteen bit gaming console ever created. The Snes as it was better known host hundreds of revolutionary new games such as the Striker football game and even more adventures from the super Mario Bros which had great success.

One of the most revolutionary gaming consoles ever to be released which set the standard for the industry was of course the Sony Playstation which first saw light into the market in 1995. The games on this console were far superior to anything we had seen before with the games consisting of so much detail and containing extremely innovative graphics. There were many great games creations for this platform such as the resident evil series, gran turismo series and of course the crash bandicoot series. With the release of the Playstation the powers that be at Nintendo decided they needed a new rival for the Playstation so they created the Nintendo 64 which was released in 1996 and saw the first 64 bit gaming console hit the market. The Nintendo 64 had great success and virtually took over the market as this was the first console that could host four individual players in a single game which was quite revolutionary.

The Nintendo 64 ruled the gaming world for many years until the turn of the century when Sony released their best console to date which of course was the Playstation 2. The PS2 was exceptional compared to anything we had seen before and gave birth too many of the worlds best and most loved gaming series such as Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid. 2001 saw the release of Sonys biggest competitor which was the Microsoft Xbox which took the market by storm and provided a level of graphics and game play that had never been achieved before.

The Xbox was the first console to implement 128 bit software into its system which produced much advanced graphics than any of its competitors and it soon became the world number one gaming console. Nintendo did try to fight back after the release of the Xbox with their very own mini console which was the Game Cube but with its limited graphical and game play functions it was never really a challenger for the title of best console. One of the two biggest creations for the gaming market came in 2005 where the industry saw the release of the Xbox 360 console which took the world by storm and provided a platform for software developers to really go to town on their creations.

The games for the Xbox 360 were so much more advanced than any that had been seen before and it was not long until this console had completely taken over the industry where it remained for a short time. 2006 saw the release of another excellent and iconic gaming console which was of course the Playstation 3 which was the first console to incorporate bluray technology into its physical body. The games for these brilliant new gaming consoles evolved so much that previous consoles were forgotten and until Nintendo released their new console in the same year.

The Nintendo Wii was the first console to use motion activated controllers to control games with players holding a nunchuck and a controller to control each hand. As you can see video games consoles have progressed so much over the past thirty five years and continue to astound us each year by improving on themselves. The question you may be asking yourself is what next? Well with the evolution and progression of virtual reality games we could be in for a well needed surprise.

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