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The Iphone and the IPAD has become one of the world’s most iconic mobile devices and is now owned by more people across the world than ever before due to its innovative features which have astounded the technological world. One of the most popular uses for this excellent device is that of mobile gaming which has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world today which generates millions of pounds worth of revenue each year. This is due to the much improved graphics and game play which are entailed within these games as they have become some of the smoothest running and enjoyable games ever to be available to gamers for this platform.

There are now more Free Iphone and IPAD Games on offer than ever before from various vendors and you will also find that many of the top games are available to gamers totally free which will be joy to the ears of those people who readily play mobile games in their spare time. For this reason our team at Games24-7  have chosen to list three of the best games we feel offer you the most entertainment so you can now enjoy them as much as we do.

All of these games are now available from the Apple Store and the first of these games we feel deserves its mention is Infinity Blade which takes players into a fantasy world where they must complete various missions which entail puzzles as well as fast action fighting scenes where players will need to use all their skills to defeat their enemies and stay alive. This game offers extensive real life scenery which really depicts the era the game is meant to be set in and offers some of the best visual effects we have ever seen on a mobile game. The developers have done a fantastic job in the creation of this game as it is by far one of the most realistic and life like games we have ever had the pleasure to play.

The next game on our list is Real Racing 2 Game on Google Play which sees the return of the second edition of the game that has set the bar for all other racing based mobile games. The game sees players thrust into the fast paced and exciting world of professional race driving and offers one of the most unique gaming experiences we have ever enjoyed before. Players can make use of a wide variety of high end sports cars which can be fully upgraded by the player during the course of the season where you can add nos, streamlined panelling as well as many other great features which improve your car considerably. This game is highly enjoyable from start to finish and has very easy controls to get used to and this and its ease of play and tendency to be highly addictive is why we rate this game so highly.

There are many other types of Games for the Iphone such as IPAD Casino games and IPAD Bingo games, of which are great fun to play, especially when you are on the move with your Tablet device. As with all types of mobile games it is recommended that a reliable broadband / Mobile Signal is achieved to ensure you can have continuous access.

The final top Free IPhone game on our list is a puzzle based game that has become one of the most popular mobile games available today and the game is Sprinkle Game. The game offers one of the best brain teasing games you will ever come across which is filled with puzzles and challenges which will be sure to have you on the edge of your seats for hours on end. As well as this the game offers the chances to join in the fun of fire fighting, water based physics and capturing aliens so as you can see there is something for everyone in this great title. The game makes use of some great graphics work which really does make the game come to life before your eyes and is one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had the pleasure to play. The features of the games are highly addictive and players will immediately find that this game will require all of their skill and know how to complete successfully.

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